This is what to expect when you hire us for a party~

We charge $125 for one character for one hour appearance! This includes the performer being entirely in character the entire time when interacting with the party guests, a handmade gift by the Princess to the Birthday Princess, storytime themed to the party, a healthy snack prepared by the visiting Princess (usually a themed fruit or vegetable), and of course photo opportunities!

Each additional character is just $50!

We are located locally to Louisville, KY and we operate within a 30 minute radius. We charge a $1/min of any additional travel for the Princess. Anything further than an hour, and we will please refer you to a party company closer to your area.

We have a Special Offer when you book your party at The Arctic Scoop! This is two performers for 20% off! And they still do the aforementioned commodities. Contact The Arctic Scoop to book your party! https://www.Facebook.com/TheArcticScoop

A Princess visit not in your budget? Then we also offer personalized letters from your favorite Princess to your little Princess! These are only $10 and you can send the payment in a “thank you” card with your little Princess’s autograph. You can expect a hand-written personalized letter along with an autographed picture from the expected Princess.

Princesses Of Louisville do NOT represent any copyrighted characters!!
Our characters are generic, with inspiration gathered from storybook characters. We can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not represent any licensed character. Any resemblance to any internationally known copyrighted characters is completely incidental. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, then you should contact that company or the copyright holders.